Grant Program

RWCA recognized the limitation of resources for those getting started in business. Today most funded grant models cater to non profit organizations 

Our chief strategy is to promote innovative solutions and ensure the organizations can achieve lasting results and growth.We believe that the best ideas benefit everyone.


RWCA is offering a grant to any qualifying business up to $50,000. 

  • Our goal is to grow the local community economically, encourage entrepreneurship, and provide a way for anyone to thrive regardless of background, education level, gender, race, or economic standing

  • These grants are incentives to encourage creativity and design to foster new services or products in our cites

  • Our business panel will filter all applicants and ensure every applicant meets the qualifying criteria

  • The first grant awardee will be selected November, 2022 

  • Please note the application deadline will be January 1, 2022

    • Application Window is June 1, 2021 to January 1, 2022


Organizations/individuals applying must meet the following criteria:


  • Comprehensive business plan with 3 year projections

    • At year 3 you will submit projections for the next two years 

  • All incomplete applications will be rejected 

  • Applications will not be accepted after the deadline

  • Have appropriate legal designation based on the business model and size

  • Consider legal ramification of the industry and address in the business plan

  • Franchises and government contracting agencies do not qualify

  • Have a specific spending plan

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